Ovostar Union N.V. (WSE: OVO) (hereinafter the “Company”), a vertically integrated holding company, one of the leading producers of eggs and egg products in Ukraine announces its operating results for the year 2015.

As at 31 December 2015 the total flock increased by 16% to 6.5 mln hens (31 December 2014: 5.6 mln hens). The laying hens flock reached 5.3 mln hens, up by 20% year-on-year (2014: 4.4 mln hens).

Over the reporting period egg production volume increased by 15% year-on-year to 1 196 mln eggs (2014: 1 038 mln eggs). Sales volume of eggs grew by 18% to 862 mln eggs, while the volume of eggs exported increased 2.6 times, from 89 to 229 mln eggs. Average selling price of shell eggs increased by 68% to 1.374 UAH/egg compared to 0.819 UAH/egg in 2014.

In 2015 the Company processed 347 mln eggs (2014: 319 mln eggs). Sales volume of dry egg products increased by 13% to 1 941 tons, while volume of dry egg products exported reached 908 tons compared to 828 tons in 2014. Sales volume of liquid egg products increased by 3% to 6 692 tons. Average selling price of dry egg products increased by 79% year-on-year to 107.64 UAH/kg; average selling price of liquid egg products increased by 48% to 26.87 UAH/kg.

Investment program update

In 2016 the Company continues to follow its organic growth strategy. As of now at Stavysche production site the equipment is being mounted in the 7th poultry house, the construction works are being carried out in the 8th poultry house, the Nabel egg sorting complex with capacity of 240 thousand eggs per hour is being installed. In April 2016 the Company is planning to finish the stage 1 of the current investment program.

The Company CEO Mr. Borys Bielikov has commented:

“The Company’s management is satisfied with the results in 2015. In 2016 we will also pay attention to further development of export markets and implementation of the most advanced and innovative solutions for industrial poultry farming.”

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