Ovostar Union N.V., one of the largest producers of eggs and egg products in Ukraine, announces that the offer price of shares for retail and institutional investors has been set at PLN 62. The price is equal to the maximum price.

The total value of the offering may reach PLN 93 million.

The offering includes a total of 1,500,000 newly issued shares of which about 13% is being offered to retail investors and about 87% to institutional investors.

“Investors’ interest in our shares during the bookbuilding process confirms their trust and confidence about our consistently realized strategy,” said Borys Bielikov, the CEO of the Company.

Based on the book-building results, the final number of shares in retail tranche has been set at 200,000 and in institutional tranche at 1,300,000. Subscriptions by retail investors will be accepted from 13 to 15 June 2011 at customer service points of Dom Maklerski BZ WBK and certain offices of Bank Zachodni WBK.

Given the share issue price of PLN 62 and assuming that all offer shares will be subscribed for, the IPO value will be PLN 93 million and the company’s capitalization will amount to PLN 372 million. After the offering is conducted, if investors take up all of the shares, the offer shares will represent 25% of the capital of the company.

The net proceeds from the offering, estimated at about PLN 93 million will be used to carry out the group’s 2011-2012 investment programme including:

Reconstruction of 6 laying hens houses and purchase of new cage equipment with a resulting increase in Group number of laying hen places by 1.825 million, including installation of eggs transporting equipment to sorting facilities and additional packaging capacities;

  • Increase in number of laying hens to be placed into reconstructed laying hens houses;
  • Installation of equipment in farms for growing young hens in order to increase total number of growing young hens;
  • Installation of egg breaking and pasteurization facilities at Ovostar Egg Processing Plant (“Ovostar EPP”);
  • Increase in working capital needs following capacity expansion.

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