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Into one basket
The history of a single merger of competitors in Ukrainian agribusiness.
Forbes Ukraine (August, 2014)
Golden hundred
Ukrainian Businessmen Rating
Korrespondent (December, 2012)
Business as game
What is the secret of tasty cookies "Lagoda"?
Products and Ingridients (December, 2012)
Award for clarity
Ovostar Union Success Story
Forbes (September, 2012)
The egg boom
Sergey Didenko, Deputy Commercial Director, told about the egg products production in Ukraine.
"Products and ingredients" (May, 2012)
Demand is growing, Exports are increasing.
Boris Belikov, Co-Owner and CEO of GC "Ovostar Union", told about today's egg industry.
"Our poultry" (May, 2012)
Love to the eggs
Boris Belikov, Co-Owner and CEO of GC "Ovostar Union", told about the plans to SPO, the investment and the new business areas.
"Investgazeta" №47 (December, 2011)
Natural From Natural
Why "Shedro" mayonnaise took the first place in its market
Products and Ingridients (August, 2010)
Using dough improvers
Manufacturers note that to prevent the formation of microcracks in pastry one need strict adherence to all rules of the production process. As well dough improvers help to solve this problem. On the peculiarities of their use experts tell.
"Products and ingredients" (January, 2010)
The prospect of the industry is in egg products!
Nataliia Malovana, sales director of GC "Ovostar Union", told about egg products plant Ovostar.
"Products and ingredients" (December, 2009)
The secret to the success of a leader
The history of many years of successful cooperation "Ovostar" and "Nestle" (TM "Torchin")
Products and Ingridients (December, 2008)
Innovations in production - the feature of leader
Food industry has been already using egg products for a long time, the main advantage of which is high safety level. The leading Ukrainian company which produces such products, is the egg products plant Ovostar.
"Products and ingredients" (November, 2008)
"Eat breakfast like a king..."
«Technological level of “Ovostar” allows to organize themanufacturing process for the way to supply McDonald's Ukraine exceptionally high quality and safe products»
"Products and ingredients" (September, 2008)
We intend to make…
Special interview of the plant “Ovostar” and managing company “Borispol Agro Trade” employees.
"Food and Drinks" (June, 2008)
New ingredient for mayonnaise
Egg is a necessary component in the manufacture of many food products. But for a long industrial production has been using egg not in pristine form, but egg products in liquid or dry, chilled or frozen form. The advantage of such products is its safety, which enables to produce quality food. Guarantee of such quality is the latest equipment using modern technology.
"Products and ingredients" (November, 2007)

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