Ovostar Union

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General information

Ovostar Union Public Company Limited is a holding entity registered in Cyprus that consolidates companies with production assets located in Ukraine (hereinafter, the “Group”). The main activities of the Group include production of eggs and egg products. The Group owns the most recognized shell egg brand in Ukraine - Yasensvit™ and first egg product brand in Ukraine - Ovostar™. It is also the largest producer of liquid egg products for the Ukrainian food industry.

The Group has developed a vertically integrated business model which allows offering diversified product portfolio while sustaining competitive advantage through tight controls over production costs and quality of its products at each stage of the production process.
All production sites operated by the Group are located in close proximity to each other in Kyiv and Cherkasy Regions (within 130 km). The Group’s production facilities comprise of one breeder farm, one hatchery, two farms for growing young laying hens, two farms for laying hens, two fodder mills producing poultry feed, and one grain storage facility. Egg processing plant Ovostar is located on the territory of one of the laying hens farms.
The Group offers the widest range of packed shell eggs and the most complete B2B offering of egg products including pasteurized liquid, dry and frozen egg products. The Group supplies multinational food companies such as Nestle and McDonald’s and international retail chains such as Metro, Auchan and Billa (REWE Group). The Group owns modern production facilities and has a vertically integrated business model that spans from parent flock to egg processing.
Growth of the Group is expected to be driven by growing demand for branded, value-added eggs from Ukrainian middle class, growing popularity of egg products among Ukrainian food processors and increasing presence on the export markets, although Ukraine remains the key market for the Group.