Дар'я Бєлікова, керівник департаменту експорту Ovostar Union, як учасник програми "Молоді лідери яєчного бізнесу" від International Egg Commission, поділилася з міжнародним співтовариством своїм баченням викликів і можливостей української яєчної галузі.

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What are the top business issues on your mind?

The way I see it, labour availability, trade deals and market fluctuations are currently ruling the roost in our industry. Egg production and processing could not be fully automated, therefore, it is crucial for companies to invest in human capital as the easiest way to retain trained and talented staff. It should not go unspoken, that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the level of uncertainty and risks in trading, as every country has taken a different approach to deal with it. Based on high external risks market fluctuations are unpredictable which require fast and certain management actions.

What are the key threats for the egg industry?

Diseases are among the main threats to the egg industry. Avian Influenza cases are rising in some countries, and all together, being a powerful industry, we should cooperate to find solutions how to diminish the threat. The other warning I see is that some food manufacturers are excluding eggs from their recipes and replacing them with ingredients with a more stable price. And this is happening even in spite of the fact that eggs are the main source of healthy and affordable protein.

What is the biggest untapped opportunity for the egg industry?

I believe that the value of an egg as a source of high quality low fat protein is not sufficiently popularised in many countries around the world. The egg industry proposes a fantastic product, which is healthy, irreplaceable and environmentally friendly. That is why every business working here has a responsibility to provide their consumers information about the egg nutritional value and their impact on health and well-being. As the result, it will lead to industry sustainable development and long lasting growth.