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Our team


Borys Bielikov

CEO, Board Member

Vitaliy Veresenko

Board Member

Karen Arshakyan

Non-executive Board Member

Markiyan Markevych



Yuliia Florova
General Director YASENSVIT, Limited
Serhii Didenko
Director OVOSTAR, Limited
Kurt Rossi
Chief Commercial Officer
Darya Byelikova
Head of Export
Vitaliy Sapozhnik
Chief Financial Officer
Arnis Veinbergs
Director Ovostar Europe SIA
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It is day-to-day work of the professional team that leads the company to success. We appreciate people who work with us and encourage other professionals to join the team. Being focused on sustainable growth Ovostar Union Group of Companies offers great career opportunities with decent reward and bright outlook.

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