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Corporate liability

Our staff

People working with us - is the foundation of today's successes and tomorrow achievements of our business. We are the team of associates, each of whom is a personality. Respecting and developing our staff, we bring the objectives of the company closer.
The main goal of GC «Ovostar Union» is development of existing team of highly professional, talented and active minded allies. We create very favorable conditions for effective work and successful fulfillment of each employee that is the basis of rapid growth of our company.
We aim to be amongst the most attractive employers for people who are willing to deliver the greatest use for business and society.
We are guided solely by the principles of social responsibility and respect for the legal framework of Ukraine and partner countries to provide a common legal framework of the company.
Products safety policy
Through production of its products GC «Ovostar Union» does not use any genetically modified organisms, or any other harmful for human and animals substances (including antibiotics, steroids, pesticides, etc.).
Social activity
Making charity GC «Ovostar Union» is primarily guided by the Law of Ukraine "On charity and charitable organizations» (№ 531/97 – VR, 16 September 1997). Typically, all the activity, the company provides has the target and address nature.
For many years GC «Ovostar Union» enterprises help with their own production and cash assistance to children's organizations, hospitals and Orthodox institutions. This way we provided help to: the Kiev association of patients with multiple sclerosis, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Saint Cyrillic parish, Pavlovskiy ward Charity Foundation, Kindergarten "Swallow" (Vasylkiv), Vasylkiv Antonovich Special Boarding School 02/01 degree, School № 9 (Vasylkiv), Memorial Foundation of Chernobyl firefighters and orphanages in ten regions of Ukraine. It is not a complete list of institutions that, when needing help, get it from our company.
In 2010 we also conducted an extensive four months nationwide charity action "Window on Life", in which 5 kopeks from the sale of each package of eggs we have listed on the installation of new metal-plastic windows in the Kiev Centre of Marrow Transplantation.

We work for people


We work for people