“It is important for many of our investors and clients to see how our production looks from the inside. We are open to partner visits and regularly go through client audits, but not everyone has the opportunity to come. And this year, significant restrictions on travel and visits have been imposed in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. Our contractors want to make sure that delicious and high-quality eggs and egg products are produced on modern equipment and tested in the latest laboratories, that the infrastructure of the sites meets international standards of the agricultural business, and that the poultry is kept in good conditions. For them, the new video will be one more confirmation that Ovostar Union is a reliable supplier with whom it is possible to develop long-term partnerships,” comments Yulia Flerova, Deputy General Director of Ovostar Union Group of Companies.

The video is accompanied by Ukrainian and English voiceovers. For the musical medley, excerpts from tracks TIP-TOE Rob Maassen van den Brink, Teamwork Acoustic Pop-Rock, Team-Working Giulio Del Prato, FTW Gerald Francis Ezra Glass Ruby Hancock, Glorious Deal Rob Maassen van den Brink, Moving Forward James Grant, Trust In The World Marco Cimino were used. Shooting by Daniil Pavlov. Infographic by Olga Pershikova. Editor - Serhiy Valov.

The video not only shows the company's production sites, but also provides fresh operating statistics. The principles of Ovostar Union's work, such as uncompromising product quality, operational efficiency, care for the environment, social standards for employees, animal welfare, breadth of export geography, creation of value-added products and diversification of sales are also shown.