Working with different target customer segments, the company offers a novelty both in the B2C and B2B line. For end consumers, the products will be presented in 500 g packaging under the YASENSVIT brand, which is already well known and chosen by buyers in Ukraine. For the B2B segment — HoReCa, confectionery, bakeries and others — the TM OVOSTAR line with a packing of 1000 g will be launched. This line can be supplied chilled or frozen.

The development of sales of products with high added value is one of the key directions of Ovostar Union's growth strategy. “When we introduced a liquid egg product to the market a few years ago, many industry experts predicted that there would be no end-consumer demand for it, since it is not difficult to break and mix an egg. But for 3 years now we have been developing this direction and we see that people are not only accustomed to, but also proactively seek and demand liquid egg products from supermarket administrations. It is convenient, fast, tasty, and egg white is a key source of protein for athletes,” says Yulia Flerova, Deputy General Director of Ovostar Union.

The line for the end consumer of TM YASENSVIT includes 3 assortment items: whole egg, egg white, scrambled eggs mix. B2B customers will be able to order standard specification products — whole egg, egg white and egg yolk — as well as OVOMIX egg mixtures, which have already won the trust of European food producers and HoReCa.

In October 2020, both product lines will be presented on the shelves of the retail chains METRO, Auchan, NOVUS, Silpo, Tavria V, in some ATB stores, as well as in the Stolichny market (Kyiv), in the YASENSVIT retail store. Also, the new product is planned to be exported. One of the target regions for the company is the Middle East, which already buys frozen liquid egg products.

The packaging of the new line is made from a combination board made from certified wood sources and it is recyclable.

Previously, the assortment of Ovostar Union presented liquid egg products in a plastic bottle for individual consumption: egg white, whole egg and scrambled egg mix. The consumers of these products were catering companies, small bakeries and confectioneries, as well as end customers, primarily athletes.

Ovostar Union Group of Companies is a vertically integrated public holding company, one of the leading producers of chicken eggs and egg products in Europe. In 2019, 1.57 billion eggs were produced at the Ovostar Union poultry farms; as of December 31, 2019, the number of laying hens was 6.7 million units. Ovostar Union products are in demand among consumers in more than 50 countries. Egg exports in 2019 amounted to 46% of total sales, dry egg products — 74%, and liquid — 47%. The enterprise has implemented such progressive standards of poultry keeping as barn and free range. Since 2011, Ovostar Union shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.