Last week, September 3, 2020, Deputy General Director of Ovostar Union Group of Companies Yulia Flerova and Deputy Director for Production of Yasensvit Company, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Ruslan Deineko participated as speakers at the International Practical Forum “Poultry Farming. Broiler/Layer 2020”.

The company's speakers shared with the industry their experience in building a production that meets the requirements of the time, with an emphasis on ensuring the biosecurity of eggs without the use of antibiotics.

Yulia Flerova mentioned such requirements of the time in relation to the poultry industry, such as biosafety and food quality, alternative poultry keeping, sustainable development as a complex of environmental, social and economic factors, and antibiotic resistance. The issue of antibiotic resistance, in general, is defined by WHO as one of the main global challenges in the field of human health.


“Ovostar Union can respond to these challenges by systematic investments in a closed production cycle, which ensures control over the livestock at all stages of its life cycle and minimizes any external biological risks. This is the development path that the company defined for itself many years ago,” she emphasized.

Ruslan Deyneko explained how, based on the physiological principles and practical experience of domestic and foreign poultry enterprises, the company introduced the most important aspects of the production of eggs and egg products that meet high food safety standards. He named the following factors that make it possible to achieve biosafety in the new environment:

  • full cycle of growing and keeping poultry
  • biosafety plan
  • feed
  • production checkpoints
  • automation and mechanization
  • veterinary and sanitary control.


To realize the genetic potential of the poultry, to satisfy its physiological needs and to form a natural high-quality egg, the laying hen must be provided with a balanced diet with an optimal set of nutrients and biologically active substances. Ovostar Union independently produces compound feed for its poultry from high quality ingredients without using growth stimulants or animal based feed.

Modern automation technologies implemented at Ovostar Union make it possible to fully control microclimate parameters, minimize human participation in the main processes in the poultry house, automatically collect eggs, feed and remove manure without crossing these operations.

High requirements for the organization of the veterinary and sanitary regime in production areas, planning of work according to the “everything is empty-everything is busy” scheme, monitoring of products, incoming raw materials, schedules of personnel and equipment movement, pest control and combating synanthropic poultry are the necessary rules for control the epizootic situation at the production in general. Daily livestock inspections, well-being markers and process compliance monitoring are integral to poultry health.


The use of vaccines that protect poultry against systemic diseases of the flock in the future, and the monitoring of the immune status of the poultry is the main anti epizootic protection of the flock.

Ruslan Deyneko also mentioned the features of ensuring the biosafety of the product under such progressive regimes of poultry maintenance as an improved cage that complies with the EU directive 1999/74, barn and free range, which are introduced at the enterprise.


International Practical Forum “Poultry Farming. Broiler/Layer 2020” gathered offline and online 230 representatives of poultry farming from Ukraine and other countries. These are specialists of large and medium poultry farms of egg and broiler production; representatives of the feed industry and manufacturers of veterinary drugs.