Ovostar Union’s brand of eggs YASENSVIT has been updated. Its logo, packaging, website and advertising communication has been changed

“Long-living brands need rebranding from time to time, because the world is changing, and you need to respond to the visual codes of our time,” commented Svitlana Novikova, marketing director at Ovostar Union. “Our consumers are in a hurry to meet new technologies and a healthy lifestyle, while respecting family traditions, they also love to live.”

The renewed corporate identity of YASENSVIT is simpler and brighter, which provides the product with better visibility on the store shelf. “Everything is to make it convenient for the buyer to find their favorite product and pick it up in the cart,” says Svitlana. The new packaging is made in red-green-white colors.


But the brand’s core remains unchanged: “The Egg, As It Is.” This conveys the naturalness and quality of the product — also a consistent standard of the manufacturer. “We are changing packaging — and product quality remains unchanged. YASENSVIT. Natural. Safe. Of high quality” — brand communication is updated under such a slogan.

A commercial “YASENSVIT is being updated!” was released, telling the consumer about rebranding.

And also a series of 15- and 5-second clips “If an egg, then YASENSVIT”, the idea of which is that whatever the time is, eating YASENSVIT is a good idea, since an egg under this brand is always tasty, good for the health and nutritious.

The new site yasensvit.ua gives more information to the consumer about the advantages of the YASENSVIT trademark, introduces the variety of the products, talks about why an egg, as an exceptionally healthy and natural product, is indispensable in the diet of a modern person, and also offers quick and practical recipes for a balanced diet.

website of YASENSVIT brand

In 2001 the Ovostar Union Group of Companies was the first to launch an egg in an individual branded packaging under the YASENSVIT trademark. According to the study “TOP-100. The most expensive national brands / Ukrainian brands” according to the NV.ua and MPP Consulting for 2019, YASENSVIT™ is the highest rated egg brand in Ukraine.

Ovostar Union Group of Companies is a vertically integrated public holding company. In 2019, 1.59 billion eggs were collected at Ovostar Union poultry farms, the number of laying hens amounted to 6.7 million. Production is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) and FSSC 22000. Products of Ovostar Union are in demand among consumers in 55 countries of the world, since 2015 they have been exported to the European Union. Since 2011, Ovostar Union shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.