Daria Belikova, Head of the Export in Ovostar Union, outlined the state, changes, challenges and trends in the Ukrainian egg industry as part of the Country Insights Report for the International Egg Commission.

Daria mentioned that 2021 was a difficult year for Ukrainian egg producers. Low grain harvest in 2020, rise in transport costs, consumer behavior change led to the optimization plan's application and a poultry stocks reduction in Ukraine. Poultry farmers also have to devote more time and resources to operational biosafety monitoring.

Growth in food prices, including eggs, provoked a change in consumer pattern. On the one hand, the buyer chooses cheaper products, on the other, the trend of primalization, conscious consumption and healthy eating is gaining momentum. This trend is confirmed by the growth of free-range eggs sales.

The egg industry in Ukraine also demonstrates positive trends. Both the implementation of European quality standards into Ukrainian legislation and a conscious and voluntary choice of the consumer in favor of sustainable development standards of the industry are observed.

It is well known that egg consumption per capita in Ukraine is one of the highest in the world. Strong competition in the domestic market is a powerful success factor in the international scene. 2 of the TOP 5 egg producers in Europe are located in Ukraine.

Ukrainian egg and egg products market

Daria noted that despite the existing difficulties and challenges, Ovostar Union maintains leadership positions in the market and has kept the poultry population and egg production volumes high over the difficult past year. The trade mark "YASENSVIT" has strengthened its position in the rating of TOP 100 Ukrainian brands of Ukraine. The company continues to invest in alternative production systems and develop innovative products.

For the record: Ovostar Union is the only Ukrainian producer that has a membership in the International Egg Commission.

It should be reminded that in 2020, Ovostar Union was the first among manufacturers to introduce liquid egg products in convenient packaging for the end-user and certify a free-range poultry house.