On April 27, Ruslan Deineko, Deputy Director for Production of Yasensvit Company, and IT Director of the company Dmitry Ukrainsky participated as speakers at the UGEN Challenge Agro online event.

UGEN Challenge Agro is an annual educational and career event in the agricultural sector provided by the top Ukrainian employers to the students and graduates studying agriculture. The aim of the project is to help students find a job, familiarize them with the current development, trends, and prospects of their future employment industry. Almost a hundred participants joined UGEN Challenge Agro this time.

The company's speakers presented the latest information technologies used in agriculture and pointed on the Ovostar Union's practice of how online data, being implemented in the data management system, is managed within the regular operational activity.

The speakers emphasized that innovative data collection and processing technologies allow making effective management decisions as well as guarantee the manufacturing process efficiency, and control the product quality. Furthermore, technologies enable a good coordination of all processes in the information system - from data input to its processing.

As a leader of the industry Ovostar Union has integrated the modern methods of innovative collecting, data-processing, and exchanging to students. The permanent development and consistency in the realization of the world-best practice are one of the key strategic points of the company's efficiency.