On October 7th, Vitaly Sapozhnik, the CFO of Ovostar Union held a webinar entitled “Financial Plan. How to calculate a correct semi-annual or annual budget " for students and alumni within the UGEN Marketing and Finance Game.

UGEN Marketing and Finance Game is a career project for those who are planning to develop their skills in marketing and finance. Apart from Ovostar Union, this year’s event was attended by Coca-Cola HBC, JTI Ukraine, BAT, Philip Morris International, UKRSIBBANK, Alfa-Bank, INTERTOP, Genesis, lifecell, EY.

Vitaly Sapozhnik introduced the students to the concept, main objectives, stages of budget organization. The speaker highlighted new trends and challenges that may arise at the stage of financial planning in today's business environment, and also mentioned the financial parameters that should be taken into account in semi-annual and annual budget planning.


In addition, the CFO of Ovostar Union acquainted the participants of the webinar with the peculiarities of the company's financial structure, the principles of forming sales budgets, and the structure of income and expense reports. The great practical value of the information, as well as real examples and cases that were described during the presentation, received a very positive response from the webinar`s audience.