This season, TM OVOSTAR and YASENSVIT products once more received medals at the international tasting competition FAVORITE FOOD & DRINKS. Liquid pasteurized egg white and liquid pasteurized egg TM OVOSTAR, as well as free-range eggs and omelet Firmovyy from TM YASENSVIT were awarded gold for the high quality of presented samples in nomination “Poultry meat-and-eggs products”.

High appraisal of the products demonstrates the precise focus in the daily work of our team, namely constant control of product quality, production technologies and business processes improvement, implementation of innovative solutions.

Ovostar Union was the first in Ukraine to start the production of free-range eggs under TM YASENSVIT, and in 2020 was the first to introduce liquid egg products for a wide range of consumers in a new format, convenient packs of 500 g (TM YASENSVIT) and 1000 g (TM OVOSTAR).

We would like to recall that FAVORITE FOOD & DRINKS is the only international tasting competition in Ukraine, where a “blind” method is used for defining high-quality food and drinks. The professional tasting commission membership is annually formed from highly qualified specialists: heads of quality departments and own production in retail, HoReCa, specialized institutes and industry associations. This year, the commission members were:

  • Alena Khareba, METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine;
  • Lyudmila Kudina, Auchan;
  • Dalia Zavyatskienė, NOVUS;
  • Oksana Nazarenko, Varus;
  • Taras Shevchenko, Avalon;
  • Natalia Alekseenko, Fozzy Group;
  • Anna Soletska, MHP;
  • Larisa Safronova, Ukrmetrteststandart;
  • Bogdana Leonova, Alma-Veko Food;
  • Daria Doroshkevich, food blogger, expert of the Breakfast with 1 + 1 program;
  • Dmitry Kolisnichenko, WOG;
  • Elena Zhukova, All-Ukrainian Association of Bakers (UPA);
  • Elena Yatchenko, Center for Preventive and Clinical Toxicology.

We are grateful for the high appraisal of OVOSTAR and YASENSVIT products.