Since August 2007 plant Ovostar started production of new Ukrainian egg product - fermented heat stable yolk.

It is intended primarily for use in mayonnaise and sauces. The process of producing heat stable yolk is improving its microbiology by activation of an enzyme that affects the emulsifying properties of yolk. Its high emulsifying capacity has very good effect on the quality of mayonnaise and sauces, because when it is used it is not only possible to avoid adding stabilizers in recipes, but it also greatly increases its storage time.

Technologists of our plant are confident that heat stable yolk TM OVOSTAR will improve the consistency and taste of the products by our customers, effective formula will enable the product to achieve the desired effect with minimal dosages and will increase the storage time.

By the end of 2007 the Ovostar plant plans to produce about 100 tons of heat stable yolk.