In March 2009, factory egg products Ovostar after installing "hot room" has started production of another innovative product for the Ukrainian market - desugared egg white (albumin).

Technological review. The presence of glucose in the dry egg white helps the process of oxidation that during the storage of this product leads to the darkening and the appearance of bitter taste. To avoid these negative occasions in the manufacturing process of albumin yeast are added to protein. The next step is separation of glucose bound with yeast. Thus, it appears pure protein, which then passes the drying process. But for that protein would not lost its properties it cannot be pasteurized at high temperatures. Therefore the process of pasteurization is replaced by a period of "ripening" in the "hot room" (large thermostat)

Albumin is of two kinds: gelling (consumed for "crab" sticks) and foaming (confectionary). Which of these two types of albumin is formed on one and the same dry protein depends on temperature, humidity and other conditions in which it “rapes” several weeks after drying in the same hot rooms.

The actuality of the product. Today albumin production in Ukraine is under formation, although the demand for dry protein continuously increases at the domestic confectionery industry. But in a deficit of quality domestic counterpart, the Ukrainian confectioners use imported albumin. Suffice it to note that at the extent of egg products imported to Ukraine, the proportion of albumin is 73%. Because of the global financial crisis, most countries in Europe and America moved to domestic supplies of raw materials that do not depend on the economies of other countries and exchange rates. Ukrainian companies that use imported albumin, also bear losses because of constant exchange rate fluctuations. Thanks that plant Ovostar established production of quality desugared protein already this spring, most of them can avoid these problems by using domestically produced albumin.